Will I share all the photos?

I do not share all the photos – especially the raw files. Raw photos are my unfinished work of art and still requires post-processing. If you engage me for my photographic services, that also means you like my style and taste as a portrait photographer. Please trust that I will choose the best photos from the set.

Why not?
Not every single photo taken by me is perfect. Any unedited photos may reflect poorly on me and may make me look like a bad photographer. I would like to avoid a situation like this.

Can I do further post-processing on my finished photos?
No. But if you must, please do not tag me from the resulting photos because it is no longer my work of art.

How many photos should you expect?
Maybe 2-3 photos for each set.

In a set, where I may take a few hundred photos. I may only end up with 2-3 photos as output. There are some instances that may end up with 1. And if none of the photos meet my own standards, then I will not release a single photo. Although, I will be professional enough to organize another shoot at my expense.

I’ve worked with other photographers before and they shared all the photos with me?
No hard feelings. You are welcome to work with other photographers whose workflow works best with you. I am just one of many freelance photographers to choose from. I simply to choose to exercise full creative control over my own art.